Mom & Dad don’t worry
And don’t you shed a tear
I’m flying now with angels
Who always keep me near
I’m finally in a place
Of joy and no more pain
The sun is always shining
There is not a hint of rain
I see other children
Who run & play so free
You don’t have to worry
I’m where I’m meant to be
I have rode on a cloud
And kissed a star good night
I’ve tasted each color
That makes a rainbow bright
I know you and daddy
And our family miss me so
But we will see each other
Before you even know
In this beautiful place
Hopes and dreams come true
Where love is everlasting
And the sky is always blue
Always think of me
Although we are apart
No matter where you go
I am forever in your heart
Love is something beautiful
Our hearts will always feel
You never have to worry
Because heaven is for real
In Loving Memory of Courtney A. Kemp

Author Kenny L. Mitchell