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The statement “Life After Death" has new meaning for me now.  Before I equated it the scripture's reference of eternal life but now it carries practical application for my day to day living.  I'm Alneata C. Kemp, founder of the non-profit organization, Socks for Courtney.  Socks for Courtney was founded after the death of my nine year old daughter, Courtney A. Kemp.  Courtney died from undiagnosed heart disease. The day my husband, my two beautiful daughters, and I buried her, you might just have well had placed me in the ground, for I too died that day.  My best efforts could not yield a desire to carry on.  That was until the Lord sent me my precious bag of socks.  It was His and Courtney's way of reminding me to LIVE!  From a simple bag of socks found in Courtney's room, new life began for me.  My story is one of grief to greatness, and my mission is to continue to grace stages here in the USA and abroad to bring awareness for children with heart disease and to provide services worldwide to those in need.


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