Our sweet Courtney Adavia Kemp passed away on August 19, 2012 at the tender age of nine (9) years old from undiagnosed heart disease. Her love for life was hallmarked by her fascination with all living things. On one occasion Courtney told us that she loved everything green. We didn’t understand at the time what now seems so blatantly clear. Our little girl was simply saying, “I LOVE LIFE”! Creepy crawlers as we would call them were things of beauty in her eyes.
A meandering caterpillar, colorful butterfly, menacing ant, slippery frog, or towering pine would provide hours of entertainment for her. She didn’t mind getting dirty… she utilized her time on the things that she enjoyed most. Nine years in the eyes of many may seem such a short time, but for us it was her lifetime. And one well spent.
Outside of all living things, one of Courtney’s other loves were SOCKS. The wackier the better; plain, zig-zag, polka dots, mix-matched, it didn’t matter. She just loved SOCKS! A week after her passing, we found a bag of socks that we had hidden. We were saving them as part of her Christmas gift. Needless to say the moment quickly became bittersweet; smiles because it reminded us of one of her loves and tears because we realized that she would not get the opportunity to wear them. It was then we knew we must tell everyone to wear their socks – never putting off joys of today for tomorrow. In that moment “Socks for Courtney” took on a new meaning.
SOCKS FOR COURTNEY is a Fundraiser / Sock Drive in memory of our daughter. Though she is missed dearly, her love of socks inspired us to bring awareness to heart disease as well as charities and civic organizations that provide services for young people. All monies and socks collected will be used to support many organizations.
Thanks to many, today we have collected thousands of socks!  For the rest of our lives we are committed to collecting SOCKS For Courtney! To find out how you may donate socks, or to invite us to tell our story, please call David or Alneata Kemp at (912) 531-4404 or email us at SOCKSforCourtney@yahoo.com